welcome to our safe salon concept certified nail spa

what is a safe salon?  by creating an aseptic salon environment, working with aseptic professional practices and using our knowledge of out-of-normal conditions you can be guaranteed a safe and personal experience with us at!  we operate under a "gloves on" policy which protects our guests to the highest degree because, even though people wash their hands, there could be missed germs under finger nails!  by wearing a new pair of gloves for every guest you are sure to get the highest quality of safety!


safe manicures

come and relax at one of our manicure stations.  each manicure table is imported and hand made with a beautiful marble top finish. each table is fully equipped with it own ventilation system which provides 650cfm of protection from dust and pollutants that would normally fly around the air in a traditional nail salon and be breathed in by everyone.  our tables are not only equipped with 650cfm of filtration (only 110cfm is required for the whole room and we have three tables!) but also have an internal filtration system completely filtered by charcoal! charcoal is all natural and has many benefits!


safe pedicures

come and sink right into one of our beautiful settees. forget those gross pedicure chairs with the jets that harbor so much bacteria and fungi and soak in our hand made, imported from Egypt, copper pedicure bowls!  copper is naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal and more!  you can be sure of a clean, safe, protected and enjoyable pedicure every time!  all pedicure scents are completely customizable as we use organic dead sea salts, sugars and other organic ingredients mixed with your choice of essential oils!  don't like scents?  no problem!  before we add the essential oils the products are scent free!

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