Rezenerate Nanofacial

what is the Rezenerate?


this is an innovative, cosmetic tool developed with nano-technologyand utilizing monocrystalline silicon "pyramids" that exponentially boosts the absorption of skin care products drastically increasing their efficacy.  unlike traditional microneedling, Rezenerate only conditions the dermis, creating a never before seen volume of microscopic conduits in this outermost layer, literally hundreds of thousands!  

how does it work?


Rezenerate creates micro conduits that are approximately .12mm to .14mm in depth using its silicon pyramids to create hundreds of thousands of "channels" to thereby allow your favorite skin products to penetrate deeper into the skin so you can achieve the intended results that were previously unattainable!  when used with targeted serums, the Rezenerate Nanofacial induces a response to collagen and elastin in the skin without overstimulating the skin and running the risk of causing an adverse reaction.

what is blue tip technology?


Rezenerate Chips are the ONLY chips on the market meeting the scientific threshold required to be considered nanotechnology!  what is nanotechnology?  it is the :science, engineering,and technology conducted at the nanoscale, wgich is about 1 to 100 nanometers"  to put that in perspective, thee are over 24 million nanometers in one inch!  nanotechnology will be responsible for breakthroughs in every aspect of human life! beware of imitators! if it's not blue it's not true!  be sure it says the Rezenerate name! 

what are the benefits?


the benefits of Rezenerate are endless, but here are just a few:  boost exfoliation by enhancing the acceleration of the natural desquamation process, an initial plumping on the treated area reducing the appearance of fine lines, safely conditioning in typicallyuntreatable areas such as directlt on the lips, around the eyes, and right to the lash line!  this tool creates vibratory waves equivalent to hours of facial massage!  coupled with targeted skin car products/or complimented cwith other modalities, the benefits are truly endless!  Rezenerate also will not disrupt any botox or fillers that have been injected unlike traditional microneedling, and may reduce the frequency of needing injections!

how should it be used?


virtually any skin care serum or treatment may be used with the Rezenerate (professional use only) except for chemical peels and products that promote exfoliation.  Now, while you can have a peel immediately before a Rezenerate treatment (a light peel is actually recommended or even any type of exfoliation for best results), you never want to infuse an exfoliationg product into the skin. be sure not to use anything containing retinol, AHA, BHA , BPO, topical acids or anything that can sensitize the skin for at least 72 hours prior to a treatment.  we can infuse anything from hyaluronic acid to human stem cell growth factors with the Rezenerate!  for best results, treatments should  be done every 7 to 10 days for specific indications and every 10-14  days is recommended between treatments for regular maintenance.

what is the recovery?


the Rezenerate Nanofacial has no down time or "recovery period" (microneedling can be upward of 7 days).  while it is not recommended to apply makeup for 24 hours after any facial treatment, makeup can be applied immediately after a Rezenerate treatment.  while some clients may experience a slight redness or tingling for a few hours after the facial (up to around 12 hours), this treatment is virtually painless and requires no numbing agents or post pain medications.  we do follow the treatment with a cooling globe massage and a cooling mask and you are free to add the celluma LED light theapy treatment to top off the service!  it is recommended to use an spf of 40 or higher for the 7 days following the treatment.

what to expect after a Rezenerate Nanofacial


day 0-2

instant plumping and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.  the skin will look and feel tighter, firmer and "glowing", and for the next 48 hours the skin will appear radiant and years younger!

day 3-5

extreme dryness is not too typical but some dryness is very  very common .  this is due to the very top layer of the skin experiencing a delayed, gentle, micropeel and a new layer of the skin is already being formed below!

day 5-7

you may now be experiencing firmer, tighter, more evenly toned skin as the new layer of the skin has come to the surface.  the best way to continue these benefits is to regularly have your Rezenerate treatments done!

who should not use the Rezenerate Nanofacial?

the Rezenerste Nanofacial wand has not been tested and should not be used on/with:

-schleroderma (chronic hardening of the skin and connective tissues)

-scars less than six months old

-severe keratosis

-nursing or pregnant women

-undiagnosed legions or skin infections (we may be required and authorized to contact your doctor for your protection)

-recent herpes outbreak (this treatment can spread the virus to all part of the treated areas)

-some cases of rosacea


-diabetes and other auto-immune system disorders

-anyone with any undiagnosed illnesses or those under certain cancer treatments